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Drone Ground School

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Drone Inspections made Practical

Using drones for Incident Forensics

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New to the drone industry?

From finding out the art of the possible to getting your Permission for Commercial Operations we can help.

It’s not about meeting a standard, it’s about excelling and being better than the rest.  Every time the bar is raised we seek to identify the next step in Best Practice terms thereby increasing the professionalism and performance standards of drone operators.

We have packaged our teams’ broad and deep experience into training, capability assessment and consulting services to drive the capabilities of your team.  From getting your PFCO to building and executing a drone strategy for your business we can help.

Drones in Incident Forensics Imaging

Learn how to apply drones and techniques, including photogrammetry to Incident Forensics Imaging.

Inspections made practical

Want to learn how to complete inspections with your drone in practice?

Creative Planning for Drone Pilots

Want to get the best out of your existing permission and apply for a OSC?

Need to extend your skills?

The PfCO is like a car driving licence, its the first step.  However, your clients aren’t paying you to fly a drone, they are paying for you to collect images, video or data and process this to a valuable result.

We can help you gain these valuable skills to help your business grow.

Become a drone pilot

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Seminar: Becoming a drone operator

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