Become a Drone Pilot Seminar

Find out more about the industry and the opportunities

Become a Drone Pilot seminar

Thinking of entering the commercial drone industry?  Want to get the inside track?

Get valuable insight

It’s not just about being able to fly a drone it’s about running a business within the limitations of the current legislation.  We will help you understand common marketable uses of drones and equipment choices in:

  • Video and Film
  • Inspection
  • Survey (PIX4D)
  • Farming

We will also cover the process and requirements for gaining and maintaining a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Consider the business

The move into becoming a drone operator can be an extension of an existing business or literally an entirely new business venture.  Topics we will cover are:

  • Overall Investment to get started
  • Your Target Industry and Customer Base
  • Your Initial Customers
  • “Day rate” / Business Case considerations

Want to know more?

At the end of the seminar we will run a Q&A with DronePartners experts and for an hour after the seminar we will be on hand to discuss your questions or issues.

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