If you want to use a drone for commercial purposes you need to ensure you hire an operator with a Civil Aviation Authority, Permission for commercial operations, PfCO.

With this they will have to comply with strict safety regulations and limitations.  Your operator should be able to present you with a copy of their CAA permission and their insurance on request.

Check if they have a PfCO on the CAA Website.

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Do they have the correct insurance? Part of their PfCO requirement is every commercial drone operator must have specific public liability insurance for operating their drone.  In some cases, your operator may need non-standard permissions you can ask your operator if they hold these, and ask to see it on their PfCO.  Do not just take their word for it.

Is your operator delivering the finished product?   If so do they understand your requirements?  Are they using the correct camera?   Can they deliver within a certain time?

Ask about their machines.  You can choose from a huge range of drones with integrated camera systems to custom payloads.  It is important you understand what you want when asking about drones, cameras and quality.

Can they Deliver?  Most drones do have cameras; however, it is important that you choose the correct drone for the job. For  Inspection work for example, you will not want a drone that is small with an entry level camera.

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