Drone Consulting

Specialist Drone Consulting

We are a specialist, multi-disciplinary consultancy providing market leading solutions to the drone industry.  Our team have worked on some of the largest and most technically innovative drone programmes in Europe, including wind farms, solar inspections, remote gas sensing, LIDAR and BVLOS surveillance programmes.


The face of drone operations is changing rapidly, driven by global trends, shifting industrial demands and new technology.  This ever-changing landscape presents new challenges and opportunities to the manager or director responsible for drone operations.  With our depth of experience and know how we can build and implement an improved capability within your organisation.

If you have an existing capability we can audit this against industry best practice.  If your are building a new team we can help you short cut the process.


We can provide you with a full solution to enabling your team to undertake commercial operations with drones for your company.  As a CAA recognised NQE we can provide ground schools training, flight assessments and flight training.  We also have specialist capabilities within our team in drone based inspection, surveying and thermography.

In addition during the period where your team do not have permission for aerial work we can undertake these engagements for you working in partnership with your team.

Team enablement is a tailored service offering, please call us to find out more.

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Our team has extensive practical experience of congested area operations that we can bring to enabling you to undertake these missions with confidence.  We can bring our specialist knowledge to the development of an operating safety case for your drone operations.

We also run a practical workshop on Creative Planning for Congested Area Operations.

Drone Selection and Qualification

Once you get beyond a single unit purchase or you’re into a larger platform the level of consideration and investigation required significantly increases.  Fleets of drones bring questions of the management of spares, software versions, support equipment and supplier capability into the mix and failure to consider these upfront will have a significant impact on your planned return on investment.

Many of the buyers for larger complex platforms have no experience in this area and don’t even know the right questions to ask.  Our experience will help guide you through understanding your requirements and qualifying the suppliers claims.