Our Team

Andrew Griffiths – Managing Director

Andrew GriffithsAndrew entered the drone industry over 6 years ago and founded the respected drone operator Droneflight.  Over this time Andrew has completed hundreds of deployment that have included filming, inspection, survey thermography and gas detection.  In addition to this Andrew has provided consulting to leading companies on drone strategy and adoption.  Andrew also consulted on the bid and implementation of two of the largest drone contracts in Europe.

Andrew is qualified to fly multi rotor drones to 20kg, fixed wings to 7kg, is a qualified thermograph and PIX4D trainer.

Prior to entering this market Andrew founded and was the managing director of Lamri, a very successful business and improvement consultancy.  Andrew grew Lamri to over 35 consultants with a strong customer base including British Telecom, Barclays, BAE, Rolls Royce, Royal Bank of Scotland, Thales and SITA.  Andrew personally led teams delivering significant improvements in process performance around the world.

Within the corporate world Andrew worked for Orange, Cap Gemini and Vodafone.

Sean Barker

Sean has been flying RC Helicopters for over 16 years.  Sean has been working as a professional drone pilot for Droneflight for over 4 years completing inspection, survey and filming engagements.  Sean has BOSIET, HUET, CA-EBS, MIST and he also has a current OGUK Medical.

Sean provides flight coaching, inspection training and conducts flight assessments.  Sean is qualified to fly multi rotor drones to 20kg, fixed wings to 7kg and is trained in the application of PIX4D.

John MacRea

John MacRea

John MacRae is a commercial photographer, consultant and speaker, and a respected member of the photographic industry with over three decades of experience. During his career MacRae has won a number of major awards and has become a respected authority within the photographic industry. He has spent the last 25 years working for himself, creating a niche business by specialising in business-to-business photography.

John has been a qualified drone pilot for over 4 years  completing many commercial and video projects.  John provides flight coaching, photography and video training.  John is qualified to fly multi rotor drones to 20kg.