Accountable Manager Seminar

Accountable Manager Seminar

A One-Day Seminar designed to introduce Directors and Senior Executives to the world of Commercial Drone Operations within Their Organisation

As a senior executive you have to consider many proposals for expanding the organisation’s effectiveness, competitiveness and profitability and a junior technologist has proposed that you allocate budget and resources to set up an in-house team to fly drones, collect data and exploit that data.  On the face of it there doesn’t seem to be much to it.  Your team has researched the possibilities and requirements, established that you need a Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA and has provided a sparkling presentation on how this new capability will transform the organisation’s fortunes.  There’s only one small catch: you’ll be expected to sign on the dotted line!

DronePartners’ One-Day Seminar on the role and responsibilities of an organisation’s Accountable Manager provides you with the essential insight and knowledge to manage the emergence and operation of this capability from the start.

The Seminar will cover

  1. The Structure of Aviation
  •                 Aviation and RPAS
  •                 Safety Management
  •                 Organisation’s Operations Manual
  •                 The Accountable Manager Role

2.  Air Law and Drones

  •                 Introduction to Air Law
  •                 UK Air Law and other National Perspective
  •                 Congested Area Operations
  •                 Other Legal Perspectives
  •                 Insurance
  •                 Public Perception and Privacy

3. Workshop – Action and Reaction with Analysis

4. Corporate Responsibility

  •                 Regulator Interface
  •                 Incidents, Accidents and Investigations
  •                 Investigative and Statutory Authorities
  •                 Crisis Management and Corporate Liabilities

5. Wrap Up



Book online with our parent company Droneflight on their webshop.

  • Tuesday 18 September, 2018,  Leeds, Accountable Manager Seminar, £325 + VAT
  • Thursday 25 October, 2018,  Wrexham, Accountable Manager Seminar, £325 + VAT
  • Tuesday 6 November, 2018, London, Accountable Manager Seminar, £325 + VAT
  • Tuesday 4 December, 2018, Edinburgh, Accountable Manager Seminar, £325 + VAT

To book your place, please email or call 01833 333950