Flight Assessment (Test)


DronePartners  offer flight assessments in the 0-7kg and 7kg-20kg range on multirotor drones.  Fixed wing drones can be accommodated by prior arrangement.

Normally the flight assessment is included in the price of the ground school, however if you wish to take a flight assessment on its own the cost is £350 plus VAT

To book a flight assessment, please email info@dronepartners.co.uk


When you arrive, your examiner will give you a briefing on the task you will perform.  You will come prepared with a flight plan and risk assessment for the flying site.  Your examiner will expect you to brief him or her on the flight plan and be able to explain the reasons and decisions behind your approach.

As a precursor to the actual flying, your examiner will assess your knowledge of air law and your aircraft.  You will then be invited to complete a full site assessment, check your drone and setup appropriate control measures for the task.

You should bring all your own equipment required to complete the assessment including but not limited to laptop, maps, personal protective equipment, paperwork, anemometer, first aid kit, signs, small fire extinguisher.

Drone Partners test


You need to know your aircraft and your operating procedures.  This will be documented in your Operations Manual which DronePartners will review and accept before your Practical Flight Assessment.  On the day, you should have full knowledge of:

  • What do your status lights indicate?
  • What is the behaviour when it completes a RTL?
  • What are the operating limitations?
  • What frequencies does it operate on?
  • What are your setup procedures?
  • What are your emergency procedures?

Bring maps and/or a laptop so you can check the airspace, NOTAMS and collect appropriate emergency contact information.  Confirm before your test if access to the internet is available on the site: don’t assume it is.


We offer 3 different levels of flight assessment to provide a more representative assessment for more complex applications of drones.  It is normal to complete a standard flight assessment but we also offer an advanced and a complex flight assessment.

Advanced Assessment: this is conducted in a semi-congested area and provides a more representative assessment of operating in a congested environment.  This is the same price as the standard assessment £350 plus VAT.

Complex Assessment: this is conducted on a COMAH Tier 1 site, this is a very advanced test that will require you to complete appropriate RAMS (Risk and Method Statements), obtain a permit to operate in the site and fly against large scale industrial infrastructure.  This assessment is £750 plus VAT and can only be booked by calling the office.


A standard or advanced flight test to add a new drone weight or type category costs £350 plus VAT.  If you require a complex applications flight assessment on a COMAH Tier 1 Site this costs £700 plus VAT, an additional pre-requisite is that you have a current safety passport.




To book a flight test, please email info@dronepartners.co.uk.  If you follow the book now button it will take you to the Droneflight webshop, Droneflight is our parent company.