You might be tempted as a short cut in becoming a CAA ‘approved drone operator’ or more correctly a commercial drone operator by taking up a franchise currently being offered by some registered operators.  As with all franchise offerings, remember as the franchisee you will be the one that makes the business work, not the franchisor.

If you do chose the franchise route, the British Franchise Association (BFA) offers some very interesting advice.  The first is: get some legal representation or some independent legal advice on the deal on offer.  The second is: don’t rush in headlong: this has to be a considered purchase once you have assessed all the other business aspects.  In the fact the BFA suggests there are at least 50 questions you should ask the franchisor first!

DronePartners’ experience of drone industry franchise opportunities available today is one of concern.  Industry entrants are buying into a brand and a logo that’s not strong with no guaranteed leads or start up business opportunities.  They are taking all the risk.  So if you still thinking this is a good idea, do talk to DronePartners first.  We’ll gladly give you an honest and independent opinion of the package on offer.

Do also have a look at the BFA’s website and the 50 questions they suggest you ask, see http://www.thebfa.org/join-a-franchise/50-questions-to-ask-a-franchisor.