New powers for police to address illegal and unsafe use of drones

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Police are set to be given powers to prevent the unsafe or criminal use of drones as part of a new package of legislation.  This will give officers the right to order operators to ground drones and to seize drone parts to prove it has been used to commit an offence.

New measures will also make it mandatory for drone owners to register and drone operators will be required to use apps – so they can access the information needed to make sure any planned flight can be made safely and legally.

Banning all drones from flying above 400 feet or near airports could also form part of the new regulations.

For more on this story visit Gov UK site

Post processing data? so yesterday…

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Dutch company Aerialtronics are currently in the final-stages of developing an intelligent camera with NVIDIA that combines artificial intelligence and geo-referenced object detection capabilities and will enable users to collect and analyse data in real time.  See the video, it has some amazing potential.

Unlocking Geo Zones

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As a professional pilot, you may be required to fly in restricted airspace from time to time, so you need too know how to unlock the zones on your drone.

See this DJI video for how to unlock the special zones in the DJI Geo System.